Cloud Services

Managed cloud solutions to secure your data and protect your assets.

Complete Cloud Solutions

The cloud isn’t as big and scary as everyone makes it out to be. Moving to cloud solution just means that instead of there being physical hardware on-site with maintenance and management issues, you have everything taken care of via the Internet on a tiered pricing structure.

The importance of fail-safe solutions within your business is vital in today’s technology driven world. We understand what services are needed for each unique situation. EmB Computing will help transition your data backups online to prevent costly errors and disasters from ruining your profitability. 

Total Peace of Mind

Our motto with cloud backup is that if you can afford it, you should have it. Luckily, it  IS affordable. At EmB Computing, we utilize two different platforms for our clients. We’ve partnered with both Avast and AWS (Amazon Web Services) to offer two unique applications. 

Get in touch with us today to explore how we can help you move to the cloud. 

Managed IT

Remain focused on your day-to-day operations while our team monitors your systems with proactive IT support.

Computer Repair

A broken computer is not the end of the day. Our technicians can diagnose any issue and repair or replace parts that need updated. We'll have you back up and running in no time.


Ensure your data and network are protected from all kinds of threats. Stay up to date with compliance policies with proper security controls integrated into your systems.

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