Free IT Assessment

Free IT

Consult – assess – finalize. We’ll get to know your business and tailor solutions that will help you reach your goals and sweep away issues that are hindering your business. 

Receive a Call

Leave your name, number, and email and a member of our expert IT team will contact you as soon as possible. 

As part of your free IT Assessment, we will:

  • Understand Your Business

    First, our team will coordinate with you to sit-down and meet with you and your staff. This allows us to identify specific and company-wide issues that need to be addressed.

  • Walk-Through

    After our initial meeting, one of our IT experts will walk through the building and examine equipment, network systems, and talk with users to identify their pain points.

  • Technology Assessment

    Next our staff will collect basic information such as software usage, system configurations, and network signal and activity. We won't be digging through personal or confidential files.

  • Review & Analysis

    Once we finish our assessment we will review and analyze the data we've collected. This includes systems that need replaced, concerns and issues from you and your staff, and more.

  • Giving the Results

    Finally, we will schedule a meeting with you to review and discuss a comprehensive plan to fix the issues that we have found withing your technology web. Our recommendations are based on the answers and issues we found during our walk-through. We will work with you to identify priority issues and get you in on budget to get the job done.