Managed IT Services

All-around security and proactive monitoring of your systems and servers. 

Complete IT Solutions

We believe in proactive Managed IT Support. Not only are we there when disaster strikes, we make sure to do anything we can to prevent it from happening again. EmB Computing provides complete support for your network, servers, workstations, laptops and network devices. We will monitor your systems to ensure you stay up and running at all times. Whether remotely or locally, you can count on us to provide top level support when you need it most.  

Total tech management

Our team delivers managed IT support to both large corporations and small business owners where technology is a priority. By providing expert support in a fixed-fee monthly support plan tailored to you we help drive down expensive IT costs while still providing top tier service. 

Benefits of Managed IT Support

Gain the benefits of an enterprise IT team for a fraction of the cost. 

Tailored Support

Firewall monitoring for brute force hacking attempts is a must have to protect confidential information. Any suspicious activity gets reported to our team right away.

Expert Technicians

Our team is an array of skilled technicians each bringing a new skill-set to the table. You have access to a wide-range of skills and expertise at all times.

Proactive Maintenance

You will never have to worry about IT maintenance again. We will monitor your network and devices to maintain system updates and failures to improve them over time.

Fixed-cost support

Control your spending and budgets with defined monthly costs tailored to your specific business. Pay exactly what you should every time.


Scale up and down as your business needs fluctuate. We accommodate a range of business requirements to be as flexible as possible.

Minimize downtime

Reduce your downtime and put an end to costly crashes, network outages, and failures. Proactive Managed IT is all about minimizing these to have you up and running 99% of the time.

Learn More About Our Managed Services Today.

A member of our team will be in touch with you as quickly as possible. 


Stay ahead of disasters with a proactive service plan that includes IT support, monitoring, and security. 

On-Demand Support

With just a single phone call or email get connected with one of our technicians to get support when you need it.

Onsite Calls

Onsite visits are included with your managed plan. Our technicians will be there to diagnose and fix anything that cannot be done remotely.

After Hours Service

Disaster can strike at any time. Get access to our technicians after normal office hours for remote and onsite support.

Managed Data Backup

Your data matters. A monitored data backup ensures that your mission critical data is backed up and secured daily.

Managed Antivirus

Be proactive with cyber-security with a unified endpoint protection across your workstations, servers, and more.

Network Monitoring

Our team watches and manages your network system for peak load times, issues, and Wi-Fi connectivity. We can reset, and fix issues remotely.

Network Security

Firewall monitoring for brute force hacking attempts is a must have to protect confidential information. Any suspicious activity gets reported to our team right away.

Comprehensive Plans

We sit down to discuss and plan with you the future of your technology needs. Knowing what you need in the next 1, 3, and 5 years is imperative to budgeting and being secure.

User Setup/Removal

Remove and add users to your domain and systems to quickly secure your network or get that new hire up and running ASAP.