Computer Sales Indiana, PA

We are a Dell Certified PartnerDirect and offer full setup and installation for new computers.

Certified Dell PartnerDirect

Through our partnership with Dell, EMB Computing is capable of offering our customers the best deals on top of the line products. Our selection of laptops and desktops covers anything from budget friendly machines, for light web surfing, and checking email, to high-end machines designed to crush through multiple tasks with ease.

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Laptop and Desktop Sales

Enjoy local advice for new laptops and desktops. Our technicians will assist you with the selection of a new computer based on your needs. We then will transfer any old data from your previous device, set up your programs and install Microsoft Office if needed. 

If needed, we will also have a technician deliver the computer to your home, install it on the network, printers and other devices as a full service set up. 

Custom Computer Builds

Need something a little more suited to your unique needs? Get in touch with us to talk about a custom built machine designed specifically for you. Whether you need a small form factor entertainment PC, or a high end custom gaming rig, EmB can set you up for success.

Custom gaming computer with a custom water loop cooling system

Computer Accessories

Need accessories for your setup? Ask and we will provide. Here is a short list of what we have on hand. If you don’t see what you need, give us a call and we will get it in for you.