Onsite Support

Our onsite support provides boots on the ground technicians to assist with projects and maintenance tasks for your company

Expert Technicians for the Job

Working with the right people is important. Our onsite technicians will work with you to have a complete understanding of your needs and environment to deliver the best possible service.

Onsite Support is best for:

Onsite Support is Included with Managed IT Services

Our Manged IT services offer onsite support included in your plan. This is best for when you need someone to quickly diagnose issues that cannot be fixed remotely. Our experts will assist in identifying the problem, applying a fix, and then reviewing with you to mitigate the risk of it happening again.

Benefits of Onsite IT Support

24 Hour Coverage

We understand your work can't always be interrupted for that server upgrade or network testing. We offer after-hours onsite support to keep your business running when it needs to most. Early mornings, weekends, and evenings are available for our team to provide support if you have an existing contract with us. This service is also available with our Managed IT Support.

Industry Experience

One size does NOT fit all. We've been in the game long enough to really understand some of the unique aspects of health care providers to car dealerships and the systems you work with on a daily basis. There is no one too big or small for us to help.

Cost Savings to you.

Utilizing onsite computer support services on a per-need basis allows you to cut back on your overall budget for IT Support and allows you to focus on your business needs first.

Supplement Your Current Staff

Already have an IT Staff? No problem - we work well with others over here. Get extra help with upcoming projects, moves, and more for a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee to your staff.