Home Networks & WiFi

Ditch the monthly modem rental and experience internet speeds and reliability like never before.

Faster Speeds & Better Connection

Every home has its own unique needs and challenges in terms of WiFi coverage. Our technicians will perform a walkthrough of your home to locate dead-zones and offer solutions to expand and stabilize your internet coverage.  

Whether you have 1 device or 100, our technicians will ensure your home has full coverage to keep you connected.  

Save On Your Monthly Internet Bill

If you have ever looked at your monthly internet charge you may have noticed a monthly charge for a modem rental. By purchasing your own modem/router, you can save on that monthly charge and recoup the cost of the modem you purchased within 1 year. 

Average Savings Per Year
$ 0

Professional Installation

Our technicians have years of experience in installing wired and wireless networks for our residential customers. With careful planning, implementation and testing, we can bring you the best coverage possible.