Network Security Solutions

Proactive solutions for network and computer data monitoring at your fingertips. 

Securing your workplace environment means so much more than having a strong password. In today’s age we utilize Software as a Service ( SaaS), cloud computing, mobile applications and more to get the job done. Securing all these different connection points is essential to planning for the long term for your business. 

EmB Computing designs security solutions aimed at meeting your own unique challenges no matter the sector in which you do business. Whether your company needs spyware removal, virus protection, computer data security, end-to-end encryption, wireless and mobile security or any other kind — EmB Computing has the tools to lock down your data and protect what matters most to you. 

Network Security Solutions that EmB Computing Provides:

Get reliable security, network and data protection around the clock with our custom fitted plans.

Our IT Services

Network Support

Network issues can bring a business to a grinding halt. We can monitor your network for outages, routing issues, and other problems to keep you up and running all day - every day.

Cloud Services

Moving to cloud solution just means that instead of there being physical hardware on-site with maintenance and management issues, you have everything taken care of via the Internet on a tiered pricing structure.

Data Backup/Recovery

Disaster can strike at any moment. If your business is not ready, you risk losing everything. Keep your businesses running and your data safe with our complete data backup and recovery options.

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