Business Network & WiFi

Enterprise level network installation, management and monitoring. 

Business Oriented Networks & WiFi

Your network and Wi-Fi is the backbone of your business. It is essential that it is installed and setup correctly to provide flawless reliability. From your phones, laptops and desktops, to your servers, printers and access points – everything needs to communicate without a hitch. 

At EmB Computing, we rely on tested, reliable hardware and utilize our extensive experience to build a network that can and will scale to your every need.  Contact us today for help with any of your network or WiFi needs. 

Trusted Hardware

The foundation for every network is the hardware. We hand pick our products from premium brands to ensure reliability for our customers based on their needs. Learn about our hardware by clicking below. 

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Hardware Firewall

Don’t just detect breaches after they happen, prevent them before they occur. Stop ransom-ware, phishing attacks and encrypted threats over wired and wireless networks. 

VPN Boxes

Having safe and easy access to your data wherever they are is a must. Set user based policies and ensure that your network is protected from mobile threats and unauthorized access with a secure VPN client. 

Software Firewall

Get multi-layered protection with a software firewall. With proper network and computer security, you can mitigate and prevent disasters before they strike. 

Our IT Services

Computer Repair

A broken computer is not the end of the day. Our technicians can diagnose any issue and repair or replace parts that need updated. We'll have you back up and running in no time.

Managed IT

We believe in proactive Managed IT Support. Not only are we there when disaster strikes, we make sure to do anything we can to prevent it from happening again.

On-Site Support

Disaster can strike at any moment. If your business is not ready, you risk losing everything. Keep your businesses running and your data safe with our complete data backup and recovery options.

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